How to make a kick ass honey jar

How to make a kick ass honey jar

How to make a kick-ass honey jar

Honey Jars are nothing new. The concept is derived from adding something ‘sweet’ to ‘sweeten’ a person up to you. I guess I’m not the most likeable person because I’ve made quite a few honey jars over the years. But it’s always good to have people in your favor, especially in circumstances such as work, school, you know the important people who control your life (kidding!). 

Let’s take a minute here to say that a honey jar has absolutely no effect on things WHAT SO EVER. Think of it as a nice to have. Sure, it would be great if your boss was a little nicer to you, and you felt like they were on your side. But if shit hits the fan, your boss will still fire your ass even if they sort of like you as a person, so I’m just saying. A honey jar is not a controlling mechanism. It’s just a little energy thrown someone’s way to nudge them in the direction of liking you a little more than maybe they naturally would have. 

What you need to perform this spell:

A Jar (cleaned out sauce jars work well for this too.)

A spell candle in the color of your intention. 

Something of the targets or a paper with their name written on it 9 times. 


Anything else you would like to add. Some ideas include sweet herbs like lavender or rose petals, rose quartz, sweet orange essential oils or anything else you think the person might like. 

What you’ll do:

Clean out your jar well and smoke cleanse it with any incense. 

Meditate and clear your mind focusing on your target. 

Add your target’s personal item and cover with honey. 

Next add in any additional items. 

Cover your jar. 

Place a candle on top of your jar. Securing it by lighting the wick and dropping a few wax drips onto the lid of the jar. 

Let the candle burn all the way down. 

Leave your jar somewhere safe. 

Occasionally add items to it that you see fit.

*Note: Never leave your candle unattended. If you have to walk away, blow out your candle and light it when you come back.

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