Best crystals for a good night sleep

Best crystals for a good night sleep

Sleeping is hard. Especially if you have anxiety about something going on, or just plain stressed out. Our modern lives are not built to include a lot of rest and relaxation, and this can really play on how we fall asleep. If you’re like me, you make an attempt to go to bed at a decent hour, but after trying some downtime, like reading, you’re left tossing and turning for hours just to go to bed at the super late time you were trying to avoid in the first place. Next night, rinse and repeat. If you’re struggling with a decent night’s rest, try these five stones to help you get those much-needed Zzz’s.


Of course, the stone of the moon would help you get some sleep. This iridescent stone is absolutely one of my favorites. It almost glows from the inside. Moonstone promotes our biological clock to engage with the moons’ energy thus promoting a restful night’s sleep, and falling asleep when one intends to. 


Covered in black streaks, Howlite is the stone of relaxing energy. Although not necessarily linked to the moon, Howlite’s relaxing energy can help calm down any nervousness and get you the nights rest you deserve. 


Another favorite of mine. Besides offering all around protection to the wearer, it also soothes energy. Perfect for a nightstand, choose a chunky Amethyst for both it’s beauty and peaceful energy.


Like Amethyst, Lepidolite is another soothing purple stone. This stone is almost exclusively used for it’s relaxing energy. Set it up next to your Amethyst, and you’re ready for 

Rose Quartz

The stone of self-love is said to indirectly sooth your energy, promoting restful vibes. This pink stone filters out the negativity, self-destructive talk and promotes positive energy. Mix and match your perfect bedtime crystals and find the combination that works best for you. Another idea is to acquire all smaller sized crystals and place them in a drawstring bag and either place it under your pillow at night, or on your nightstand next to you. 

Sweet dreams!

*Warning if you suffer from depression, insomnia or anxiety, please seek out the advice of a medical doctor. Crystals can help the vibe, but they can not cure any serious ailments.

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