9 Ways to clear your tarot decks

9 Ways to clear your tarot decks

I’m not always the greatest at clearing my tarot decks. Usually I start out with really great intentions to keep my tarot decks squeaky clean by cleansing during EVERY full moon. Every full moon usually becomes every other full moon until it’s been several months and I’m going bananas wondering why my tarot deck is giving me the most random cards ever. 

Don’t be like me, cleanse your tarot decks! I recommend doing a small clearing in between every reading, and then a big cleansing monthly. This will keep the energy of your decks neat and tidy and ultimately connect to you better during your readings. 

1 Selenite

This spiritual stone usually comes in a cylinder or cone shape. It naturally connects to the higher realm so therefore is the perfect stone to clear energy with. Place one on top of a freshly shuffled deck overnight for a good clean clearing. 

2 Smoke Cleanse

I use this one a lot, just because I like the way the smoke cleanses the cards. Fan out your tarot deck in front of you and use loose or stick incense to waft the smoke around the cards. Use your intuition and pick up cards you think need a little extra and wave them around the smoke. 

3 Use a salt bowl

You don’t need a ton of salt, but a good amount. Fill up a bowl (clear glass is my preference but use whatever you have). Place your tarot deck standing up right in the bowl overnight for a salt cleanse. 

4 New moon 

During the new moon, take your tarot decks outside and let the moonlight shine on it for a few hours. The new moon’s energy will dip down and cleanse out any stagnant energy.

5 Black Tourmaline 

I use this stone when I need a deep cleanse. Just like the Selenite method, place the stone onto or around your tarot deck for a few hours to absorb any lingering energy. 

6 Meditation

Another way to cleanse your tarot decks is by simple meditation. Hold your tarot cards in your hands or set them in front of you. Picture a white light filling the cards and clearing them of any energy.  

7 Tapping

This is more of a quick clearing for back to back readings. If I’m doing a lot of tarot-ing I will usually tap the cards three times in between just to knock out any energy left over from the last reading. 

8 Sunlight

Like the moon method but using the sun. The sun has a more masculine energy so if I’m wanting to connect to that side of energy then I’ll leave my cards outside in the daylight instead. 

9 Reorder 

Another way to cleanse is to put the cards back in their order starting with the Major Arcana and going through all the suits. This method aligns the cards back to with their original energy ultimately cleansing the deck.

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