Moon Phases To manifest To

Moon phases

I saw a TikTok the other day that said to manifest during the waxing phase and not the full moon phase. Sometimes in witchcraft there is ALOT of conflicting information. And I’m not saying anyone is wrong, but I am saying it can be confusing for a baby witch to figure out. Here’s the thing thought. There are no rules in witchcraft. Sure there are “guidelines” but nothing really specific that says YOU HAVE TO bla bla blah. I’ve sure as shit done an spell in a pinch that was probably more of a manifesting spell during the waiting moon phase because I’m pretty much a hot mess at all times. So just to clarify here’s what I do in manifesting during moon phases.

🌘 The Waxing Moon is all about growth and making more. What more? Well that depends on you. Money, jobs, business growth, however you want to translate that into you me life. These spells are best done during the waxing moon phase. 

🌑 The Full Moon is the most potent so sometimes I do spells during that time even though they kinda fall under the “waxing moon phase” ones because I want that hyped up energy that I get from the full moon. I also do a lot of recharging during the full moon and reconnecting bc stress. 

😐🤷🏻‍♀️ So in the end the best moon phases to manifest to are The Waxing Moon bc of its powerful growth energy and The Full Moon bc she’s just a boss all around. 😂

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