Make Someone stay away

Make Someone stay away

I’ve only ever really had to use this spell once a long time ago. A family member had recently gotten into a bad marriage. It wasn’t physically abusive, but it was mentally and emotionally manipulating. The spouse was pulling apart relationships and isolating in typical narcissistic fashion. He was controlling and all around a really bad guy. I usually like to stay out of other people’s affairs, but in this case they had stopped by and I did not have a positive experience with them. It wasn’t that they did anything horribly wrong, I just didn’t like what they said or their vibe and I felt like they wanted to drag my immediate family into their rabbit hole-hot mess of a situation. So once they were gone I immediately went to work on this super simple but effective spell. 

Like I said this is a super simple spell. All you need is a lock of hair from the person you want to stay away (your target) and a broom. A kitchen broom will work fine, it’s just for metaphorical purposes. If you can’t get a lock of hair that’s ok, you can still perform this spell. 

Take your broom and start with where the person sat, sweep all around in that area. If you have carpet sweep above the carpet. You’re going for the energy here, not really any actual dirt. Sweep in really vigorous motion getting up all of their nasty energy and move in the direction of your door. Keep sweeping. When you get to your front door, open it. Drop the lock of hair on the floor outside your door and sweep it outside along with all the energy you have gathered. Make sure to say the person’s name and that they are not welcomed back. Slam the door and lock it. 

That’s it! 

As far as the couple I had originally performed the spell for I never saw the spouse ever again and they never came back.

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