Growth Spell for small businesses

Growth Spell for small businesses

This is a fairly easy spell that can be performed without much prep time or ingredients. (My favorite!) It’s also just super useful to help manifest what you want while visualizing your goals each month. 

If you have a side hustle or small business then you know how much effort and energy it is to grow. You’re working all hours of the night, posting on social media, coming up with a strategy and even paying for ads to help bring in new sales. With that being said it’s always a good idea to back up so much mundane work with the energy of a spell for your business. 

This is a working spell, meaning it’s never really ‘complete’. You can continue to add components to it and keep the energy active as you grow your business with the spell. It also works really well for online shops and e-commerce businesses as you don’t really need a physical location to perform the spell successfully. 

What you need

  • A small box (decorated however you want)
  • A print out of your products 
  • Cinnamon oil
  • One green candle
  • 4 coins

What you’ll do

Print out your products on one piece of paper. You can make them small if you have several products, or just print out your best sellers. Anoint your candle and coins in cinnamon oil. Light the candle and place the coins around the candle. Visualize your business growth with whatever that means to you. Either acquiring more sales, clients, or shop visits. Let the candle burn down all the way. Fold up your piece of paper and place it in the box. Place the coins and any wax remnants on top of the paper, in your box. 

Keep your box on display on your altar, or in a prominent place. Add items to it as you see fit, and light a green candle next to it anointed in cinnamon oil to repeat the spell every waxing moon. 

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