Find Your Moon Sign

Find Your Moon Sign

Everyone knows about their sun sign. It’s the first bit of astrology that people talk about when describing who is what is the zodiac. The sun sign is your personality, who you are. It’s the pillar that says this is how you are meant to be. 

The moon sign represents your emotions and who you really are after you remove the ego mask. Once someone gets to know you, or how you will operate in private is your moon sign. 

Why is your moon sign important? 

For me, the moon sign represents more then your inner emotions, it represent who you really are. Strip away all the bullshit, and I’m my moon sign at best. Understanding your moon sign can lift a veil of ‘why am I always acting like that’ even though it makes no sense to my sun sign. Giving more perspective to your personality as a whole and understanding yourself. 

Sun signs for me are also just lacking. As a witch who feels more connected to the moon and her spirits I want to know what makes myself tick. How do my inner workings connect to help me manifest my spells? I don’t care so much for my ego, I’m interested in the deep soulful reason as to why I am the way I am. 

How do you find your moon sign? 

Just like your sun sign you need to know your birthdate, but for your moon sign you need to know your birth time. Care Astrology has a great online calculator that helps you plug in your birth information and it will come up with what your sign is. 

What if I don’t have my birth time? 

This isn’t a huge issue but it definitely helps if you have the exact time. My husband is adopted and his mom is sketchy about giving us the birth time info (she says she doesn’t remember) so we have to do a little guess work. Plug in all the times you may think your birth time is in the online calculator (linked above on Cafe Astrology). Write down the different moon signs you could be and look at their attributes. Which one speaks to you and which one do you feel like you energy aligns with? It’s mostly likely that one. 

What if my sun and moon signs are the same? 

This is actually a great thing to have. Your energy is already naturally aligned and you will find less resistance in your path. All your needs, wants, emotions and eco are fitting together without the sort of tug-o-war of the rest of us with different moon and sun signs. So give yourself a high-five!

Interested in learning more about astrology? Or have  more questions about your moon sign? Shoot me a message or leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best I can!

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