How to make a money jar

How to make a money jar

I used to think money was really difficult to manifest and it created a negative mindset when it came to charging clients in my line of work what I thought I was worth. I was constantly working crazy hours to meet deadlines and going above and beyond expectations for minimal compensation. It was fine when we were talking to the client about project expectations, but when it came to money I would feel the energy shift and I hate to say that sometimes I would let the client bully me into providing them more content for so much less than I should have. 

It took a long time (and I’m still working on it) for me to reprogram myself to understand my relationship with money and how that shapes my decisions and life. Once I removed the concept that money is ‘real’ it became much much easier to manifest. 

Hear me out… money is just a created concept. An I OWE U note for exchange of goods and services. The idea is that each ‘note’ of a dollar bill is backed by whatever TF is in the federal reserve. Is it? Who knows. Either way money isn’t some physical law like gravity, it’s just something people made up when constructing our society. Since it’s just a shifting of energy, we can manifest it. 

Now bring in paypal, venmo, direct deposit, and you’ve got an even better chance at bringing in that energy that brings in the money. Because nobody is handing you cold hard cash, they are exchanging numbers and values on a screen that are essentially meaningless to the physical world.

Of course I still have A TON of reservations about money. It’s a complicated relationship. And you still can’t expect something for nothing. You HAVE to do the mundane work. What does that mean? Do the spell to get the job, sell you business inventory or grab more clients. But YOU Have to put yourself out there and do the footwork. Things aren’t just going to come to you. 

I currently keep three money jars on my altar and they all work pretty well and each one is different. But here’s how you can make a money jar for yourself. 

What you need:

One glass jar

Dill, Parsley, Bay, Cloves, Basil (any combo of these three)

Green Aventurine crystal (sub any green rock or crystal)

Olive OIl 

One Green Candle 

What you’ll do:

Place your ingredients in the jar minus the green candle. (Make sure your crystal is cleansed first.) Light the candle and carefully drip a few drops on top of your jar and set the candle upright in the wax so it stays on top of your jar. Be mindful that it doesn’t fall. Let the candle burn down while you recite your intentions out loud with your new stream of money. State things like, I will get a new job that pays X amount, OR something to that effect that proteins to you. Once the candle is burned down, leave the jar out in a place you will see it often.

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